About Us

Who We Are A little about us

We are a tea packaging company originally from Kathmandu, Nepal. Our family has been in the patriarchal lineage of tea business for more than 20 years, now.
We enrolled in the boutique packaging of tea about 13 years back and opened our own factory label 9 years back.
Since then our main motive has been to provide the best quality boutique packaging with the best quality tea.

We highly believe in quality over quantity and therefore, provide by far the best quality Nepalese and Assamese tea from different tea gardens in Nepal and Assam.


 Nepal being a hilly region  is a large producer of tea. Nepali tea quality has been increasing forever and the tea made in Nepal has been liked by many of the tea experts throughout the world.

Its our honour to be able to be a tea company in Nepal and provide you high quality tea from the Himalayas.

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Our Commitment

Mission Statement

According to us fresh tea is very important to refresh your day. So we get fresh tea which are packed in packaging which keep the tea fresh.

Quality is the key, so each of the tea bought is tested by the team members which is then served to you. No compromises on quality here!


The Details It's what we do best


Tea varieties

We have many varieties of different tea from gardens all over Nepal. You will only get the best variety of tea. 


Tea gardens in Nepal

We purchase highest quality tea form all the producers in Nepal. You will never have to compromise on the quality.