Common mistakes while preparation of tea.

Just starting out with brewing Orthodox tea leaves. It’s not as difficult as you might imagine if you keep these common mistakes in mind and make sure not to repeat it. So, here are 6 common mistakes made by people while brewing tea. 

1. Boiling the orthodox tea leaves

It has been noted that often people tend to boil their tea leaves which makes the tea bitter and also does not bring out the flavour of the tea. For learning to prepare the perfect cup of tea you can click here to check out our blog.

2. Using water which has just been boiled

Using water that has been just boiled is also a common mistake people usually make. For the perfect cup water between 90-95°C must be used.

3. Brewing the leaves for too long

It has often been noted that people often brew the tea for very long. This makes the tea bitter and also the flavour of the tea gets too strong. for the perfect cup tea must be brewed for 3-5 minutes only.

4. Using reheated water

A mistake often made by people while preparing tea is using tap water, using water which was boiled before or also reheating the water. For making the best cup of tea you must use filtered water which has been freshly heated to about 90-95°C.

5. Not heating the cup

Not heating the cup is often overlooked by many people and just don’t do it. For getting the flavour and aroma a little better, the tea pot or the cup must be first rinsed with boiling water.

6. Adding sugar

The last point but the most commonly done by people. Adding sugar to your orthodox tea leaves it the mistake you don’t wanna do. Tea has the best flavour on its own without any additives. But if you want you can add a teaspoon of honey in your cup of tea, which is way better than sugar for health and also brings out a good flavour.